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TravelStar Daily travel
For single trips out-of-province and out-of-country

Multi-trip annual travel
For those who travel frequently

Visitors to Canada coverage
For those visiting or new immigrants to Canada
Travel Insurance

As Canadian travel insurance brokers, we are proud to recommend Saskatchewan's Group Medical Services (GMS) comprehensive travel insurance coverage, for Canadians travelling abroad worldwide*, or if you are a non-resident visitor to Canada.

Travelling to Europe, the Caribbean or worldwide destinations?

GMS TravelStar coverage is fully recognized by foreign hospitals.

Does your group insurance policy only provide 30 or 60 days of coverage?

You can use the GMS TravelStar website to top-up your coverage, adding only the days you need to complete your trip.

* Enter your country of destination when purchasing your coverage. GMS will notify you of any issues with coverage for that country.

Emergency Medical

Protection from the high cost of emergency medical treatment while travelling. Cover family vacations, business trips, shopping excursions and winter escapes. Single and multi-trip versions available.

Trip cancellation & Luggage

Protect your travel investment from emergency medical conditions, changes in employment, schedule changes and delays, bankrupt tour operators and lost or damaged luggage. Single and multi-trip versions available.

All Inclusive Coverage

Get emergency medical, trip cancellation, and baggage loss protection in one simple and complete package and enjoy an all inclusive special rate. Single and multi-trip versions available.

GMS TravelStar®
Single trip and multi-trip travel plans for residents of Canada.
GMS Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance
Single trip plans for visitors to Canada.
GMS Individual Health Insurance
Health & dental insurance plan for residents of Canada.
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